The "TP Book"

- and its back cover text

This book describes an efficient implementation of long integer arithmetic and other multi-precision algorithms including a fast version of Schönhage-Strassen mutiplication.

Part I presents the basic ideas and a complete reference manual for the underlying Turing Processor Assembly Language TPAL with its simple operational semantics for sequences of 32-bit words.

Part II is about the emulation of this multitape Turing machine on SUN workstations and other systems, with easy links to the world of C.

Part III provides about 160 routines, for long integers, fast gcd's computations and rational arithmetic, and for real and complex numbers and polynomials, all within arbitrary and guaranteed precision.

Bibliographical data:
Arnold Schönhage, Andreas F.W. Grotefeld, and Ekkehart Vetter,
Fast Algorithms - A Multitape Turing Machine Implementation.
BI-Wissenschaftsverlag, Mannheim, Leipzig, Wien, Zürich 1994.
ISBN 3-411-16891-9 / about 300 pages.

and (by 2012) +1 page Errata [pdf]
plus 14 pages Addenda [pdf]

How to get the TP book

Soon after the book had come out, the publisher BI transferred all rights for our book to SPEKTRUM Verlag, Heidelberg. Unfortunately, SPEKTRUM did not provide any marketing for the book, with particular difficulties to get it on the international market. In Summer 1999, SPEKTRUM has stopped at all to sell the book, and has forwarded the rest of the first edition to the authors. As long as copies are left, we thus are able to meet your needs, at a reduced price, just to cover expenses for handling and shipping.

To purchase the book, send a corresponding written order with your affiliation and address (for delivery) to my address [A. Schönhage]

plus a money order about _16 EURO_ to my bank account
Arnold Schönhage
Int'l Bank Acc No   DE75 3706 9627 1009 1350 10
Raiffeisenbank Rheinbach-Voreifel
D-53359 Rheinbach / Germany

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