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Picture of Dr. Günter Kniesel

Dr. Günter Kniesel

Software Engineering Group
Computer Science Department III
University of Bonn

Römerstr. 164
D-53117 Bonn
Phone: (+49) 228 73-4511
Fax: (+49) 228 73-4382

Former homepage at Osnabrück


I am a senior lecturer at the Computer Science Department III of the University of Bonn, in charge of the software engineering group. Here is my vita.



Professional Services


Index by Topics

Index by Projects

  • Aspect language analysis
    • interference analysis: Condor
  • Aspect-oriented language design
  • Object-oriented language design
  • Program transformations
    • static transformation of source code: jTransformer
    • load-time transformation of class files: jMangler
    • transformation interference analysis: Condor
    • transformation composition: ConTraCT
  • Refactorings:
  • Unanticipated software evolution:
  • Distributed systems:
    • Cooperating Knowledge Bases and Intelligent Agents (1991-1992)
    • EPSILON: a Distributed Knowledge Base Management System (1985-1990)
  • Unaticipated real life evolution:
    • work in progress: D&J
  • ACE / JAC:
    reconciling encapsulation and aliasing via access rights.
  • Condor:
    Conflict Detector for conditional program transformations, refactorings and aspects
  • Darwin / Lava:
    type-safe object-based inheritance for class-based languages.
  • LogicAJ:
    an aspect language with uniform genericity and aspect interference analysis.
  • jMangler
    adaptation of Java class files at load-time, generic class file interception.
  • jConditioner / ConTraCT:
    composition of conditional transformations / refactorings.
  • jTransformer:
    logic-based source to source transformations of Java programs.
  • Tailor: language support for component adaptation at run-time.
  • CKBS/IA:
    Cooperating Knowledge Bases and Intelligent Agents (1991-1992)
    a distributed KBMS integrating logic and object-based knowledge representation (1985-1990)
  • Favourite projects:
    Work in progress
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